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    • 09 SEP 16
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    Back to School Immunization

    Back to School Immunization

    Widespread vaccination is one of the most important public health initiatives of our time. With the help of each and every individual, we have been able to ensure that our children do not get the diseases of previous generations and are allowed to live happy, healthy, and active lives. However, in recent years it has become more popular to hold off on giving children vaccinations. This is all the more reason to get your child vaccinated, as their classmates may carry dangerous viruses which could be prevented.

    Over 600 people in the US were diagnosed with measles as recently as 2014. This outbreak could have been prevented by simply by ensuring that children were vaccinated on time. These children experienced painful symptoms such as a widespread rash, fever, and pink eye. For your family’s benefit, the CDC website has information on childhood and adolescent vaccination schedules.

    Following this schedule has helped millions of children avoid dangerous childhood illnesses. Parents of teenagers should also keep an eye on their children’s vaccinations, which are important in order to avoid diseases such as meningitis and HPV. Contact your doctor today to make sure your children are up to date and to help ensure that they have the best school year possible!


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